On Friday, September 9 we kicked off our 75th celebration by having the whole school join together in our red commemorative t-shirts on the Bloomfield Hills Campus. With the help of, not one, but two marching band directors, the students, faculty and staff were organized into a large 7 and 5 while a drone took aerial shots of the resulting 75 pattern. We then proceeded to the CCB for the Back to School Launch Assembly where the Class of 2017 was introduced and a video montage of the Roeper history was shown. After the assembly, students divided into groups with George and Annemarie’s children – Tom, Peter, and Karen Roeper – for conversations on ethics. A family-style lunch for Middle and Upper School students was provided by RPC and featured foods from all the countries George and Annemarie had lived in. In the afternoon, older and younger homerooms were paired to participate in the Cardboard Challenge, in which they imagined, designed and built objects out of cardboard that ranged from huts for the homeless to Whack-a-Senior games.